SUDDENLY (Or The Nuclear Sunburst Of The Truth Revealed)

by Young Oceans

As we rise from our knees Where soil and sky meet, peace All those who receive Every branch of this tree, peace Lord come as the lion or come as the dove Just let there be life, life from above Every soul upon the restless sea, hold on Every heart that yearns for what will be, hold on Every creature groaning from the curse, peace Every corner of this wild earth, peace Lord come as the fire or come as the rain O let there be life, life here again
What can open our eyes When we’re deep on the night Only the light of your face Only the light of your face What can open our ears amid toil and tears Only the sound of your voice Only the sound of your voice I feel it all around me The favor and freedom of the Lord I feel it all around me The healing of your merciful touch I feel it all around me The thunder and the echo of your Word I need you all around me Spirit of the Lord here on earth Only the sound Only the sound of your voice Lord have mercy Christ have mercy What is the sound of your voice
To the Father And the Son And the Spirit Glory be All the poor in spirit All who weep and mourn All the meek and mild Every thirsty soul Heaven has come to you now Heaven has come to you now God with us Come to you now All who offer mercy All the pure in heart All who labor peacefully All who bear his scars O can you see Lord help us see O can it be Please help us see As it was It is now And will be
Are we rivers coursing every valley Are we waves upon shores of time Are we stardust gathered through the ages Are we not dreams of the one eternal mind Are we trees rising to the heavens Are we flowers unfettered by the thorn Are we pillars of a great eternal temple Are we not one, O Lord, are we not yours Have we not joy in the midst of every shadow Have we not hope in the deepest of the dark Have we not peace that passes understanding Are we sons fashioned in your image Are we daughters carrying your name Are we brothers across the generations Are we not sparks from an everlasting flame Have we not love Are we light summoned by the light Are we gleaming and dancing on the shore Lord, can we hold each other through the crossing Are we not one, O Lord, are we not yours
God of earth and altar Please hear our cry Kings of earth, they falter People drift and die Walls of gold entomb us Scornful hearts divide Take not your presence from us But take away our pride Let these walls come down Let these walls come down Every heart cry out Let these walls come down From all that terror teaches From lies of tongue and pen From all the empty speeches That comfort foolish men From sale and acquisition Of people and the sword From apathy and numbness Deliver us, O Lord Hear our prayer May we call out for the voiceless May we sit with them and weep May we plead for them in silence Plead for their relief
Have Mercy 01:30
O Have mercy, Lord O Have mercy, Lord O Have mercy, Lord Grant us peace
Out Here 03:38
Out here Out of step with you O Lord We talk of love but have not love Out here Out here In our dry and barren land Sifting life with idle hands Out here Spirit of God Spirit of God Out here Blending melody and fear Our songs are cold and insincere Out here Out here With these eyes a gift from Thee But have we chosen not to see Out here Spirit of God Forgive us Spirit of God When we prowl around like shadows When we make love to the night When we drink the cup of violence When we sow the seeds of strife Search me Break my heart that I might see Will you turn and hear my plea Out here
Every heart is open All desires known Every heart is open Before You alone Though the night brings sorrow Our hearts Thou will restore Perfectly to love Thee And magnify Thee Lord
Suddenly 04:49
Are you the light inside the sun Or the bullet in the gun Are you here or far above Are you cruel or are you love Are you the fever or the drug Are you the battle or the blood Are you the damage when its done Have you finished or just begun Suddenly I’m waiting Suddenly I’m scared Did you ever mean to haunt me ‘Cause its too much now to bear Holy, holy, holy You know I believe you Lord Help me to see you You know, you know I believe it Lord Help me to see it Are you the sound of a restless heart Are you the garden in the dark Are you the fire or the spark Are you the ending or the start Suddenly we’re waiting Suddenly we’re scared Did you ever mean to haunt us ‘Cause its too much now to bear Suddenly its heaven We’ve nothing to declare Suddenly we’re waiting Suddenly you’re there Is this the echo of your silence Or the shadow of my doubt You know I hunger in the dust, Lord For every word from your mouth Is this the echo of your silence Or the ladder to your heart You know I’m waiting in the dust, Lord For every word from your mouth
Lamb before the slaughter Opens not his mouth Hear the Savior’s silence Bow before him now Pierced for our transgressions Tortured and oppressed Crushed for our iniquity Poured out unto death Poured out unto death Praise to You Father Your Kingdom, bring Grant bread this moment Forgive our sins We’ll forgive others Lord, hold our course The Kingdom, power and glory are Forever yours
Look at the humility of God Pour out yourself before him Kneel before the Lion and the Lamb Only he is worthy We pour out ourselves before you


In the early stages of writing the follow-up to 2014’s I Must Find You, singer-songwriter Eric Marshall (Young Oceans) became captivated with the Eucharist. His fascination is understandable. Whatever the language, whatever the time, whatever the culture, participation in this sacrament provides an intimacy and solidarity founded not in prosperity or political power but in brokenness, humility, and surrender. Stretching across centuries and cultures in an unbroken line for 2000 years, the Communion pulls the participant, in a sense, outside of time and space, in connection with the universal Church eternal. “Past and future come rushing into the present, pouring an ocean of meaning into the little bottle of ‘now’."*
The result of Marshall’s inspiration is Suddenly (or The Nuclear Sunburst of the Truth Revealed)**, a collection of recordings that doubles as a Eucharist liturgy and as the new Young Oceans album. Marshall's songs weave echoes of ancient prayers that Catholics and Protestants will find familiar, forming an arc from invocation (Lord come as the Lion or come as the Dove) to benediction (We pour out ourselves before You).
But, just as every believer lives in the tension of the ‘already and not yet’, the posture feels every bit the next Young Oceans album as the songs also address a modern context. The anguished pilgrim wrestles to maintain the transcendence of Communion in a world hell-bent on violence and the seeds of strife (“Out Here”). He pleads for the voiceless (“Walls Come Down”) and ponders the heart of Jesus’ high priestly prayer in John 17 ("Are We Not One”). It is a struggle between the constant groaning from the original curse, and yearning for the way the world finally will be (“This Wild Earth”).
It is a turmoil seen in Israel and Palestine, where Marshall joined a political and humanitarian pilgrimage over the Spring of 2016. The experience was a searing one. “There is nothing simple about the Middle East, in any respect,’ remarks Marshall. "The slightest elements of that experience haunt me. ‘Every Heart Is Open’, for example, originated with the melody of a Muslim call to prayer that came blaring out of the local mosque at 5am my first morning in Galilee. There is a lot of that trip in this record.”
Crescendo is reached in the title track; an anthem for the doubter. Christ in Gethsemane questioning the plot. Or, the believer plagued with a recurring sense that his faith is nothing; there is no God, or at least He doesn’t care. How can it be otherwise in a world so overrun with pride, pain, division, failure, and hatred? Why is He silent? And suddenly, in a moment, suddenly… He is there. Not always in the same or expected way, but there nonetheless. He is the transcendence. His is the body and the blood which sustains us. His is the peace that will always surpass our present understanding.
Suddenly we’re waiting
Suddenly You’re there

- STM, 2017

* from The Meal Jesus Gave Us, Revised Edition by N.T. Wright
** "The Nuclear Sunburst of The Truth Revealed” taken from Os Guinness’ book The Call, used with permission.


released October 20, 2017

Produced by Mike Beck and Eric Marshall
Engineered and mixed by Mike Beck
Mastered by Joe Lambert
Assistant engineering - Zach (TK) Zanghi
String quartet engineering - Todd Carder
String arrangements - Brian Sanders
A&R - Chris Bradstreet
Recorded at Refuge Recording and The Bunker, Brooklyn NY
Photography - Sean Rohde and young Oceans
Photograph of 'Young Oceans' - Dustin Cohen
Album design and layout - Stephen Duke

Mason Ingram - Drums, Percussion
Mason Basile - Bass
Rob Ritchie - Electric Guitar, Mandolin
Kanene Pipkin - Vocals
Brian Sanders - Cello
Clare Twohy - Viola
Leonor Falcon - Violin
Tomoko Omura - Violin
Mike Beck - Keys, Programming
Eric Marshall - Acoustic Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Special Thank You:
Travis Meyer at Crosby Street, LLC
Os Guinness for use of the phrase "The Nuclear Sunburst of the Truth Revealed" from his wonderful book The Call
NT Wright for his book The Meal Jesus Gave Us which greatly informed and inspired the arc and posture of this album

All compositions by Eric J Marshall © 2017 / Scot Family Reunion Songs (BMI)
Lyrics by Eric J. Marshall except where drawn or adapted from traditional sources:

Every Heart is Open - lyric adapted from 'Collect for Purity' from Anglican Book of Common Prayer
Forever Yours - lyric adapted from Isaiah 53 and Mark 6
Have Mercy - lyric adapted from traditional Agnus Dei
Heaven Has Come - lyric adapted from Matthew 5 and traditional Gloria
Only the Sound - lyric adapted from Isaiah 61 (Luke 4) and traditional Kyrie Eleison
The Humility of God - lyric adapted from writings of St. Francis of Assisi
Walls Come Down - lyric drawn from 'O God of Earth and Alter' by GK Chesterton

© 2017 Scot Family Reunion, LLC / Ⓟ 2017 Scot Family Reunion, LLC and Crosby Street, LLC
Kanene Pipkin appears courtesy of Descendant Records
Released under exclusive license by Street Talk Media, LLC

Label & Management - Street Talk Media,
Booking - J.R. Montes # Current Talent,
Follow, support, and access song sheets and additional resources at


all rights reserved



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